Farley And The Lost Bone


Farley And The Lost Bone

Farley And The Lost Bone

For Better or For Worse

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Inside Farley and the Lost Bone, award-winning cartoonist Lynn Johnston of For Better or For Worse fame and co-author Beth Cruikshank follow Farley as he welcomes the warmth of spring and tries to remember where he buried his most prized possession last fall.

As a follow-up to the duo's first book, Farley Follows His Nose (Harper Collins, 2009), this children's tale features fan favorite sheepdog Farley as he digs in Elly's flowerbed, under Michael's model railway set, and inside Lizzie's sandbox until he remembers the special spot where he buried his tasty bone.Each drawing in the book contains a doodle of a bone, cleverly hidden, for you to find as you read the story!

Pairing Johnston's signature art with Cruikshank's gentle prose, Farley and the Lost Bone imparts a tale of self-reliance, diligence, and determination perfect for young readers.

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