Animated Specials (Digital Downloads): The Babe Magnet


Animated Specials (Digital Downloads): The Babe Magnet

Animated Specials (Digital Downloads): The Babe Magnet

For Better or For Worse

$3.00 CAD 

Lynn's six beloved animated specials, by Lynn and Lacewood Productions, are now available as digital downloads.

These specials include:

1. The Last Camping Trip
2. A Christmas Angel
3. The Good for Nothing
4. A Valentine From the Heart
5. The Babe Magnet (purchase this special here)
6. A Storm in April

Each of these specials runs approximately 23 minutes in length.They are in MP4 format and will play on Mac OS, Windows OS and Android devices.

About "The Babe Magnet":
Michael is frustrated that he has his license, but isn’t allowed to drive the family cars. Michael and Gordon go in together to buy a used fixer-upper, thinking it's a guaranteed babe magnet. It has the opposite effect, continually breaking down - and straining their frienship. Elly has booked April’s birthday party over at the Burger Bin, but she comes down with the flu and has to ask Michael to take April and look after the party, leading to some lessons about life, and friendship.

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