Leaving Home


Leaving Home

Leaving Home

For Better or For Worse

$19.00 CAD 

For anyone leaving home for the first time, this guidebook is an essential part of the luggage. Award-winning cartoonist Lynn Johnston and her longtime friend Andie Parton take readers down the rocky but fun road to independence.

Never preachy, always informative and full of laughs, this book is packed with tried and true nuggets, from tips on finding an apartment to tips on getting your eviction notice reversed, from someone with a sense of humor who's 'been there, done that.' It is crammed with advice on furnishing an apartment, mastering the ancient art of bartering, living with the boss without a heart, the prof. without a clue, moving, cleaning, dealing with the roomate from hell and more.

Leaving Home not only explains how to avoid common pitfalls, but also how to get out after you've landed in them! Pearls of wisdom and insightful cartoons make this a must-read for anyone starting life on their own.

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