Six Animated FBorFW Specials


Six Animated FBorFW Specials

Six Animated FBorFW Specials

For Better or For Worse

$19.99 CAD 

Lynn's six beloved animated specials are now available on DVD for the first time! This DVD contains:

1. The Last Camping Trip
2. A Christmas Angel
3. The Good for Nothing
4. A Valentine From the Heart
5. The Babe Magnet
6. A Storm in April

Each of these specials runs approximately 23 minutes in length. By Lynn and Lacewood Productions.

There is no regional lock on these DVDs, so they will play anywhere around the world, or in any computer with a DVD drive.

The Last Camping Trip:
Looking forward to a weekend at Gordon’s cottage, teenage Michael is instead forced to go on a disastrous and embarrassing camping trip with his family. Miserable Michael is only one of many disasters that plague the Pattersons, which eventually causes John to declare it their last time camping. Michael has a change of heart, as he discovers that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

A Christmas Angel:
Elizabeth and baby April try to decorate the Christmas tree alone, because everyone else is too busy. When they end up breaking Elly’s favourite ornament—a family heirloom glass angel—Elizabeth feels that she can’t do anything right. Later, she goes tobogganing alone and gets lost. While they search for Elizabeth, the Pattersons take a hard look at their priorities. Elizabeth has an encounter with a Christmas Angel.

The Good For Nothing (Halloween Special):
Farley's been a bad dog. He's been digging up the garden, squishing the squash, and chasing other dogs at the pet show. Elly labels him a “Good-for-Nothing.”  Meanwhile, Michael makes an enemy of Brad Luggsworth by showing him up in front of his girlfriend. On Hallowe’en night, Farley escapes, forcing John to look for him while he takes Elizabeth Trick-Or-Treating. Farl is nowhere to be found, but when Brad and his buddies corner Michael alone in an alley, he's got a shot at redeeming himself.

A Valentine From the Heart:
When his school cancels the Valentine’s Day Dance, Michael convinces his parents to have a party at the Pattersons' place. Brad Luggsworth crashes the party and bothers Michael’s friend Allyson. An accident and a misunderstanding cause Brad to be ejected from the house, proving once again that he’s trouble. When Brad is missing the next morning, we learn that things are not all as they seem, and sometimes a little bit of love can go a long way.

The Babe Magnet:
Michael is frustrated that he has his license, but isn’t allowed to drive the family cars. Michael and Gordon go in together to buy a used fixer-upper, thinking it's a guaranteed babe magnet. It has the opposite effect, continually breaking down - and straining their frienship. Elly has booked April’s birthday party over at the Burger Bin, but she comes down with the flu and has to ask Michael to take April and look after the party, leading to some lessons about life, and friendship.

A Storm in April:
Elly thinks she can handle bringing April to work with her, but the Library has never before seen such destruction. April is very different from the other Patterson kids: the characters look back at Elly’s pregnancy and the circumstances around April’s birth --during a freak winter storm in the early hours of April 1st. Now that the older kids don't need them as much, John and Elly realize that, even though April is a handful, she’ll still grow up way too fast.

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